Welcome to Rebel.

A bunch of recruitment free-thinkers who had enough with the traditional recruitment agency mould, so they decided to break it.

Our story started with a simple plan; to pack a recruitment company full of ethically principled, smart, likeable tech recruiters… and see what happens.

Since humble beginnings we’ve grown into a diverse team of specialist recruiters who share a common cause; to make the recruitment experience better and raise expectations across the board.

No short-cuts. No annoying sales calls. Just personable, detail-oriented, professional recruiters who build long-term relationships and deliver great results.

Tired of the same-old, same-old? Let the Rebels show you a better way.

The Rebel Leader

Azar Hussain, MD & Founder

Watch Azar’s story on why he started Rebel, how we’re doing recruitment differently and what this could mean for you and your aspirations.

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We do what we do because we believe that there is a better way to do recruitment.

We also believe there is a better way to do business and a better way to do ‘work’.

We aim to run our business on clearly defined values, to help our customers and Rebels to live happier, healthy and more rewarding work lives.

Our manifesto contains the values we believe in and it guides everything we do, from developing our internal culture, through to conducting our day-to-day business and measuring our individual and company progress.

Keep it real

Be genuine. Speak truthfully.
Have courage and stay 100% BS free.

Stay Humble. In Everything

Check your ego at the door.
Be thankful and inspire others with your grace.

Practice Positivity

Make positivity your only option
and then work on it, every day.

Be An Action Hero

Do what you say you’ll do.
Incremental progress is better than none.

Listen Completely

Listen to understand, not to reply.

Have Patience And Forgive

Make your mistakes, learn from them and push forwards.
Allow others to do the same.

Make It Personal

Treat people like human beings and give them the attention they deserve,
without expecting anything in return.

Improve Your Self

Never stop learning.
Look after your mind, body and spirit, equally.

Work Smarter

Collaborate, innovate and delegate
to get the best out of yourself and your team-mates.

Communicate Thoughtfully

Take the time to get your words right.
Think twice & speak once.

Charity promise

We believe that successful businesses need to benefit more than their shareholders. We recognise the privileged industry we are in and that we never lose anything by helping others.

We therefore pledge that, at the very least, 1% of our gross profit will go to charitable causes.

Employers are also free to choose the charity we donate their portion towards.

Where possible we will prioritise smaller, local causes.

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