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You've got serious talent when it comes to tech.  Since a young age you were always tinkering.  At first it was PCs and laptops, and then you moved onto Servers and maybe playing with Linux in your home rig.  You studied IT at school and college, and maybe even recently at University, but you're in your element when your hands-on, figuring out problems and finding solutions using your initiative (and Google!).

You might be stuck in a mundane helpdesk role now, but you really want the chance to progress into systems administration.  You want to actually work with the servers, the databases, the applications and the network.

This is a small but growing software company who are busier than they have ever been.  So far, their senior developer has managed their tech, but he really needs to do what he does best which is creating industry leading software used by people all over the world.

The Managing Director of the company has asked us to find a Junior IT Technician / System Administrator to take over their internal IT support and systems admin.  They need someone who is familiar with Windows Servers, Linux, basic networking and sys admin duties such as backing up databases and managing storage.

You don't have to be super-experienced; 12 months in an IT related role will be enough as they will support you.  However, you need to be adaptable and technically driven.  Perhaps most of your knowledge and experience has been gained at home - that's most likely where you spent hours learning about technology and how servers, networks and database environments work.

You will be given a lot of responsibility in this role and will get to work with some incredibly smart people in a small, tight-knit team.  It's the type of place someone who loves technology, hates big anonymous open-plan offices and someone who values stability ould really enjoy.

This is a perfect role if you see yourself progressing as a Senior Sys Admin, Infrastructure Engineer or IT Manager in the future.

The role will be based in Nottingham City Centre (when lockdown ends) and you will be paid between £19k - £24k.

Any experience or knowledge of rack mounted blade servers and storage units, network switches/routers, VPN connections, Hyper-V Virtualisation and Oracle/MS Sql Server databases would be beneficial.  You will also require a good level of knowledge with Microsoft Office 365 and related applications.

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