Automation Tester

full time

Role; Automation Tester
Location; Nottingham City Centre

Some people understandably get upset when software breaks, but you probably don’t mind it so much.

You’re just curious why it’s broken where is has and want to know what to tinker with to avoid the same problem occurring again, whether that means writing a script to interrogate some code, using tools to push the limits, mimicking increased users or introducing a new process.

This role is about scaling. Eventually you’ll focus on building out the team, too, but right now they want to ensure confidence in their software working seamlessly to improve the customer experience in a ‘known-to-be-stressful life situation’.

You’ll have started out with manual testing, which will always have its place; computers can’t replicate the stupidity that arises from human error.

But as soon as you learned about automation, you were sold. YOU CAN BREAK THINGS FASTER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY! Yay!

So, now what?

Onto somewhere new, that comes with its own set of unique challenges; things to break, problems to solve and things to learn!

This is the place for you. 

This company is small now, but growing; they have a great bunch of people that are friendly, intelligent and want to do things the right way, but they need you, your quirks, your intuition, your curiosity to make sure their software is as good as it gets.

They have a range of stuff for you to do, starting with automating and making sure that the proper quality checks are being made in their CI/CD pipeline, as they improve the functionality through the pipeline.

They are going to grow their testing capability and so great communication and a desire to teach more junior people the good stuff you’ve learned, are important.

Tech-wise, you typically like to use things such as SpecFlow, C#, Cypress, and Selenium and you’ve dabbled with all sorts, so you always know the best tool for the job in front of you. You’ll have their backing for whatever you decide is best.

If this sounds good to you, apply now or drop me a line and let’s have a natter about your new role.

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