Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

full time

Location; Remote during lockdown, Nottingham City Centre thereafter (with remote working options available)


You were an Infrastructure Engineer for ages. You got networking down to a fine art, balanced all the loads, saw more firewalls than any person should, provisioned countless VMs, and even got into bits of security, too.

Over the past few years, though, you’ve seen how much of a benefit public cloud solutions can bring; not only for cost savings, but reliability, resilience and speed.

So, you learned all about the 290476942659 different things AWS offers and got to work on ascending to the cloud.

At first, you used tried and tested ways of doing things, so you hosted your VMs on AWS. Then, you started to learn about infrastructure as code (IaC) and were hooked.

You now mostly deal with AWS for all your infrastructure needs, but you still have to keep your hand in with networking for LANs, WANs, etc., you’re great with both Windows and Linux, so things like IIS don’t scare you (it might bore you a bit now, but hey ho), and you’ve developed your interest in security; you sometimes do a capture the flag or read up about how big DDOS attacks were handled, just in case.

You saw the really cool things you can do with orchestration technologies like Ansible, what containers can allow you to do- so you’re down with Docker now, and, because of the infrastructure as code you love, you can script with a couple languages like python, BASH and sometimes- if you have to- PowerShell.

You want a role that not only allows you to make use of ALL the skills you’ve got, but encourages you to have fun doing it! Afterall, you spend most of your life at work (even if not physically all the time, anymore) and having great people around you that have this same belief is really important to you.

If this is you- and, if not, fair play for reading this far!- then apply or drop me a line to find out more.

This is the role you’ve been waiting for.


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