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What drives you?


Interesting work? Fulfilling your potential? Getting recognized for the incredible work you do? Lots and lots of cash? A Ferrari? (see what I did there?)


You moved to London to live the dream; work hard, play harder.

You work stupidly hard. All the time. But nobody seems to notice.


But, hey ho, you can move companies in London as quickly as changing your underwear, so off you go; onto yet another company that doesn’t reward you for the long days and ridiculously elegant code you give them.


I’m recruiting for a company that needs you, and will make you an offer you can’t refuse!

They are one of the UK’s fastest growing and most entrepreneurial FinTech companies who employ at around 100 people and counting; they have a fantastic product that needs developing further and they need people who are the crème de la crème to do it- you.

They use the most up-to-date Microsoft stack, with C#, .Net core and React on the front end.

Being in the FinTech industry in London, as you can imagine, they have some seriously stiff competition for business and talent.

They have, therefore, decided to go all out to attract the right people for them. They have a beautiful office- obviously- that comes with a FREE BAR, barber/ hair salon, and an on-site gym with your own personal trainer.  They want to treat you like the software superstar you are, and give you the life your hard work deserves!

It doesn’t end there; they offer life-changing amounts of cold hard equity to their top performers that stick with them and give them the value-adding development expertise that’ll push them to the next level.

They play hard, too. They have legendary annual ski trips for team bonding, fun, and blowing off steam.

They are also growing the company faster than that Porsche you’ve been hankering after, so if career progression is important to you- which, let’s face it, it is- you’ll want to stay here.

They will notice you. They will respect you.  They will give you opportunities that other more tight-fisted employers (who might offer you free fruit and bean bags) won’t!

If this sounds like what you’ve been searching ages for, apply now or give me a call. Let’s do this; you know you deserve it.

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