UI/ UX Designer

full time

Role; Senior Android Developer (Native, kotlin)

Location; Nottingham City Centre (completely remote during pandemic. Inc. onboarding, etc) or up to completely remote (even post-pandemic)


So, you’re an Android Dev, eh?

I bet you got into it because it’s cool. And who wouldn’t want to be cool?

Except, you have to build pretty boring stuff in your day job. I mean, it’s helpful for people, which is great, but it’s not something you will have ever used yourself.

And whilst that might be fine for some people, it’s not for you.

You want to be making something that- ok, you know it might not save humanity or anything, but- you know will be super useful for a lot of people, everyday.

You want that warm fuzzy feeling of your friends being amazed that ‘you built that?!’

This role can give you that.

If you love kotlin more than a person really should, often get down with a bit of reactive programming with RxJava, and are adamant that TDD is the one true way, then this role is probably going to keep your sea-faring vessel buoyant.

During the pandemic, they are all happily working from home, but after it’s over, they will resume business as usual in the office, with lots of laughter, nerdy banter and CAKE. So much cake.

However, if you prefer working from home regardless of the pandemic, then that's fine too. You will have to go in for meetings and team building stuff, so please bear that in mind.

They started out small and have grown loads over the last few years. Fortunately, they have managed to retain that small-company-feel, whilst expanding their benefits lists, to stay in line with what you’d expect from companies of their now-global size.

If this advert fills you with joy and longing, please get in touch and we can get cracking on your soon-to-be new role!


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