Head of UX

full time

Head of UX

Location: Nottingham
Salary: £42,000 + benefits 

Hop online. Head to the site I need.

Oh, cookies. No thanks.

They’d like to know my location. Nope.

Ah there’s the vide-no. It's just an ad asking me to donate to the World Stick Insect Relief Fund.

Where’s the flippin-ah! There’s the video!

…I need to sign in. Alright, sod this. I'm off.

Pretty common experience, innit?

A bad user experience can basically kill a website or app's appeal in less than a minute.

We’re impatient when we’re online, us humans.

Most of us are only willing to wait 3 seconds for something to load before we bugger off and take our business (or our attention) elsewhere.

That’s where heroes like you come in. You get it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a killer app, a website, or even an entire platform, you’re that incredible breed of human that can keep even the most impatient brain coming back for more.

But that’s never been enough for you.

You want to be the go-to for your team. The mentor. The guru.

You could definitely do all of that here.

Here, your opinions and your experience will matter. You’ll work with a bunch of amazing people who understand that, no matter what you’re creating, half the battle is making sure you’ve made something that’ll make your users fall in love.

That’s your challenge, though, and they’re looking for you to be the one that leads the way. Over the last couple of years, they’ve grown quite a bit and they’re almost at the point where they’ve got that dream team – the only one missing is you.

You might be a Head of UX somewhere else, or you might be a Senior UX Designer that is tired of doing the same thing every single day and wants to do more with their career (and their skills).  It doesn’t really matter where you are now – just that you care about creating something truly special for your clients.

Oh, and you’ll need to know how to do it, of course.

You’ll know your way around common design tools (I shouldn’t need to tell you what they are), and when it comes to getting stuck in with client presentations and workshops, you’ll need to have the confidence to speak out and be the voice of authority when the time comes.

In return, they can promise you that your growth here will be exactly what you’ve always wanted. They’re a relaxed bunch, and they’ve abandoned the typical agency mindset – that means no crunch time or deadlines for the sake of deadlines.

Just freedom to work your way. Because that’s why they pay you.

You’ll have the ability to work from home whenever you need to, as well as a bunch of other benefits to make sure you’re happy at home as well as at work.

Sound good?

Send your CV and portfolio over. Let’s have a chat.

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