Head of Software Development

full time

Salary: £60,000 to £85,000
Location: Peterborough

If your employer was a country, what would it look like?

Would it have soldiers controlling your movements? An evil dictator in charge? Miserable faces at every turn?

Wouldn’t you dream of escaping? To go to a country where your talent and initiative could be best put to good use?

This organization certainly has no shortage of happy faces, and they need you to help keep it that way.

You’ll step into a tight-knit environment where everyone is truly valued.

In fact, people are so looked after here that they rarely find a reason to jump ship, so when you’ve spent time and effort mentoring someone, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your work pay off as they develop alongside you.

The only thing they need is a capable, well rounded Head of Development to step in to help guide and manage both the wider development lifecycle, as well as each individual team member.

Being reasonably confident with C# and .NET, you’ll sit alongside the Dev team to help mentor and develop them to be the best they can be.

You don’t need to be super hands on, but you need to know how to put bricks to mortar when needed.

You’ll also be heavily involved with their Cloud team, working on complex cloud solutions and integrations for a massive client base. They’re not picky what flavor of Cloud you have worked with, but if you’ve integrated Cloud solutions with existing systems in the past, you’ll fit right in.

Your experience working across the entire development lifecycle will be invaluable here. Having taken full ownership for the lifecycle of Desktop and Cloud products previously, you’ll confidently keep tabs on multiple complex projects at a time.

They’re not a massive company, but they have big ambitions. Their offices are dotted all over the country, and as one of their key members of staff, they may sometimes need you to leave your desk and provide support in the other locations.  

In return for all your hard work leading the troops, you’ll get a generous salary, a fantastic team that love what they do, and all the usual benefits that you’d expect with this kind of position.

If you want to find out a bit more, just pop your CV over and let’s have a chat!


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