Head of Development (OpenSource)

full time


Location: Nottingham City Centre, 10min walk from the station.
: Up to £65k + remote working within reason, once the team is up and running.

It was all going swimmingly.

The company discovered a niche and developed solutions that rocked the worlds of development teams across Europe.

They grew, hired junior devs and the directors played a hands-on role in managing and leading the dev team.

However, they encountered a problem.  The devs got good quickly.  Very good.  The directors know their stuff, but they also know when to step out of the way.

That’s when they called us in…

They are looking for their first ever Head of Development to lead them into the future.  Someone to guide, structure and unleash the potential within the development team.

It’s the freshness of the role that should appeal to you.  Maybe you’ve done all you can for your current team, and they don’t need you as much anymore, or you don't enjoy the freedom you once had, and you want something to really get the fire burning again.

You will call much of the shots here. So much so in fact, that you can create your own balance between management and coding.

Over the years, coding in open source (PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby etc) has become second nature to you and you’ve mastered RESTful APIs. It’s all more than just a passion, it’s a practice you have grown to love, and you’ve been doing it for more years than you’d care to admit!

Your knowledge has aged like a fine wine, you thrive under pressure and you don’t let anything scare you away from a true challenge.

I don’t mean merely working to a deadline but rather, re-shaping technical landscapes, truly impacting businesses and adding value where others can’t.

But along the way, you’ve seen companies miss their full potential. Something this company is acutely aware can happen.

This might have been down to not employing current technologies, straying away from best practice or not understanding what a software company truly needs to grow.

You’ve been around the block long enough to know the difference between companies that scale well and those that don’t, and you’re more than willing to share this knowledge.

You’ll be inheriting a team of 13 engineers, most of whom are junior-mid level.  You’re first job will be to evaluate their approach to Agile and get the best out of the people, upskilling and training where necessary.

I could describe the company, the position and its perks for another couple of pages but essentially, the Directors need someone who can buy into their vision and take them where they need to go.

If you want to change the game for this company, click apply. Let’s get chatting. 😊

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