Agile Delivery Manager

full time

Agile Delivery Manager

  • Package: up to £60k + Up 3 days remote* / wk + 5% Bonus + Private Health etc
  • Location: Worcester based role but involves significant travel to Europe, North America and Japan so if travelling by air leaves you at risk of staining your underwear, then you might wanna skip this one…

Tomatoes, asparagus, tea bags, shaping processes, a genuinely Agile environment, complex technical projects, highly skilled & reliable teams, overseeing multiple multi-disciplinary distributed teams, delivering a range of applications across desktop, web and mobile clients, real influence in the delivery and software development lifecycle, mentoring, stakeholder management, working in a cutting edge field and a small aubergine…

Sounds like one heck of a shopping list but they’re all staples on every Agile Delivery Manager’s shopping list … except maybe the aubergine. Today is a supermarket sweep and they’re all on offer…

This is a business full of smart and talented grown-ups, anyone joining will have nowhere to hide. They’ve moved beyond the micromanagement culture and have chosen to create a team filled with people who know their domains, understand their own limitations, and ultimately can suggest changes without someone constantly making demands of them.

They have multiple people in Delivery manager roles owning different areas / product lines. Each time I filled these positions, the things successful candidates had in common, beyond the technical prerequisites; were that they were very bright, able to grapple with very technical / engineering / scientific concepts, very organised, had a knack for commanding the respect of their tech teams and didn’t need direction.

To quote the Technical Director “People have a say in how they work, anyone that would constantly need to be told what to do, wouldn’t be a good fit”.

If you’re a Delivery Manager / Software Development Manager / Technical Project Manager / SCRUM Master or are Technical Lead / Manager within the SDLC with project leadership experience and are wanting to move away from a mainly technical role and embrace project delivery & management… I’m talking to you!

The company develops innovative technology solutions within the automotive industry and are a very big deal globally – they’re like those massive companies that no one has heard of but touch your life in a surprising number of ways once you realise.

*NB: Remote working: You will need to be on site every day within the first 3 months (notice period) and live within 1 hour drive (max) of Worcester; 3 days a week remote working is very possible thanks to the level of autonomy given, but it’s important to be aware that you will sometimes be needed in person rather than remotely (start of new projects, important meetings, etc.)

If you’re feeling like this appeals and you would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch Fess  @ Rebelrecruiters . co . uk


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