Scrum Master

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Scrum Master

  • Location: Leicester
  • Salary: £55,000 - £65,000

Things were a bit easier when you were a developer.

You could come into the office, do the usual stand-ups, get stuck in with your work, and then go home. But it was never enough. You got bored.

It made sense to move over to something else. Something different (but still using your technical skills). Scrum Master was the obvious pick.

Recently though, you’ve probably hit that same wall. Sure, you’re happier and more engaged than when you were a dev, but there’s something missing, isn’t there?

That sense of ownership and freedom that you thought would just come naturally with this kind of role. It hasn’t come though…and now you’re bored again.

So, what are your options? Go back to dev? Stay where you are? Or, take a risk, and take on a role that’ll really challenge you. A role that’ll need your technical skills just as much as it needs your business know-how and leadership skills.

A role like this one….

Sure, you’ll be doing all the things that a Scrum Master does – hosting daily stand-ups and that kind of stuff – but you’ll also be at the forefront of so much more.

You’ll have to get to know the strengths of the dev and test teams well because it’ll be you that’s assigning them roles within project delivery teams.

They haven’t fully implemented agile yet, so if you have any experience in coaching agile best practices and getting the best out of engineering teams then that would be a huge bonus.

You’ll have to be business savvy too because it’ll be you that’s called upon when the dev director is looking at cost projection and ROIs.

Speaking of, the dev director tends to spend a lot of time overseas too, so when he’s away you’ll be the go-to for the dev team.

With that in mind, it would be helpful if you’d get your technical skills sharp over the years and were able to speak with some authority when it comes down to making the tough calls – they’re looking for someone to lead the way, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to carve out your own niche within the business and use the full range of your experience to put your own stamp on things.

You remember those walls you keep hitting? They won’t exist here.

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