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If you want to write software these days you’ve got so much choice.

.NET Core, PHP, Vue, React, Flutter, Dart…the list of new frameworks seems to grow by the day.

But there’s something to be said for “old-school cool” isn’t there?

Take Delphi for example.

Is everyone clamouring to build new applications in it? Nope.

Does that mean it isn’t an incredibly useful language with loads of benefits? Nope.

Most companies don’t go for old-school cool though, so it’s a pain to find a new job.

There’s contracting, but that comes with its own plethora of issues; especially with the dreaded IR35 stuff on the horizon.

So, what do you do as a Delphi dev?

You could stay where you are. Work on the same stuff you’ve always worked on.

A job’s a job, and you don’t really want the hassle.

Or, you could come and work for these guys and work with people that appreciate old-school cool.

You’ll work with a bunch of likeminded developers (including a dev manager who still actually rolls up his sleeves and codes with the rest of them) to develop PLM systems for the fashion and textiles industries.

Unlike many companies in the sector, they focus on rewarding their people, and you’ll be given plenty of new challenges and problems to work on.

They know that there’s nothing worse than doing the same thing every single day for the rest of your career. If your aim is to progress but you have no interest in managing people or providing technical direction, they still have plenty of other options to keep your career moving.

Not every developer wants to be a manager, and they see no reason to ignore those who want to be recognised in different ways.

From a skills perspective, you’re going to need to show them a few things to nab the role though.

It’s not a massive list, but as with any experienced team, they’ll want to be sure that you can keep up and that you’ll feel comfortable working on their systems in the first few weeks:

  • Goes without saying, but Delphi is your bread and butter. They’re not necessarily looking for an expert, but you’ll need to understand the language well, and should be able to offer technical input when it comes to discussing the future of their systems
  • When it comes to OOP, your brain doesn’t explode (surprisingly, this is something they’ve struggled with when it comes to hiring…)
  • It’s not a requirement at all, but if you’ve worked with DLLs in Delphi, or you have a good knowledge of T-SQL, they’d really like that

Sound like you? Send across your CV, and let’s talk about what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter if your CV is up to date. We’ll get to that when the time comes.

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