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Head of engineering – Coventry

You love development. You’ve been doing it for more years than you’d care to divulge and you’ve learned loads along the way. Staying up to date with tech is hard, but you prioritise it because it’s what gets you up in the morning.

You’ve met hundreds of fascinating and intelligent people in your time and now have been doing what you love for long enough that they let you lead teams quite a while ago. Through practice and trial and error, you’ve learned how to get the best out of your team and have a proven track record of leading successful software teams and projects. That doesn’t matter though because disparate teams and tech are now your thing- you can bring them together so that distance means nothing to you- it’s a small world now!

But…you’re now bored where you are. You’ve done all you can and the teams don’t need you as much anymore.  Either that or you don't enjoy the freedom you once had.

If you're reading this thinking it sounds like you,well, this could be just the pick-me-up you're looking for.

I know the senior managers and Director at this company well as I’ve personally been recruiting for them close to a decade.  Recently they've won some major contracts and are looking to scale both their infrastructure and development teams. This is all down to the effort and love put in, every day, from people like you. They have 6 people in their dev team, as it stands, 8 within technical support and some off-shore help too. They have a roadmap well into next year and want to continue their growth for some time to come, and they need your help and guidance to do that. You’ll have a degree of leadership with all 3 departments with specific direct management of the software engineering team.

You will have a lot of freedom over architecture and strategy decisions, continuing to grow the team, and helping them through the challenge that is an office move (they are running out of space quickly from all that growth) that will happen in the not-so-distant future.

Here's a snap shot of who you are:

  • You’re in your element managing and leading multiple teams in different geo locations, in an Agile way
  • Your strategy and architecture expertise will know no bounds (well, maybe some, but not many!)
  • You'll have come from development background (ideally within an open source language) and be a techy at heart.  You'll understand DevOps practices, the tools to enable CI and CD, have strong software architecture knowledge and experiences (including patterns of scalability and extensibility).

So, you've read this far and tick all the boxes. Great stuff, let's start talking!

Apply now or call me on 0115-7180073 - either way, let's get a conversation started in confidence.

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