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I’m sure you’ve heard this one already: man walks into a shopping centre…

Nah, just kidding. Nobody needs to hear that terrible joke re-tailed.

Dodgy jokes aside, there’s something really cool about companies that use data and technology to make themselves stand out in a sector that is supposedly on its knees.

As it so happens, there’s a lovely company in Nottingham that gives businesses the power to do just that.

Are they developing robots that’ll tackle climate change? No.

Is there loads of flashy tech involved? Nope.

Do they offer unlimited holidays, a pool table, automated coffee machine that’ll also give you a foot massage, and an office Labrador that’ll drool on your office chair when you take a day off? Negative.

But when you think about it, what they do is still pretty important to the local economy.

They support your local businesses, they giving better insight on what you (the average consumer) wants, and ultimately they do their bit to ensure that their customers can stay in business and provide the best possible shopping experience to people like you and me.

It’s been a little while since their last senior hire, but they’ve decided it’s time to bring on another senior developer who can come on board and help make the data arm of their platform do its job better.

As you’ve probably already figured out, you’ll be developing web applications that help retail companies from the likes of Tesco and Boots, all the way down to your local retail shop like Harry’s Hamster Hut.

The stuff you create will be used to analyse some pretty important stuff like average footfall, where they’re doing things right (and where they’re not doing so well), and it’ll give them all the info they need to make their business better for those of us who venture out into the cold to grab our veggies and knick-knacks instead of being at the mercy of the Hermes bloke with a passion for playing Package-Basketball with our stuff.

It’s a team of 4 at the moment, including the CTO who just so happens to believe that devs are the most important people in a business.

You’ll be well looked after, and when it comes to shouting out new ideas, training, and getting involved in the odd side-project, he’ll support you.

Their tech stack isn’t overly complex; PHP (Laravel), MySQL, and JavaScript on the front end.

Given the nature of the product you’ll be working with, it’d be quite nice if you’re a bit of a data nerd.

If you’ve got a good background in working with finicky databases, you’ll fit this role like a new pair of socks.

In addition to salary, you’ll get to enjoy a relaxed culture without tight deadlines (nobody’s clock-watching here), flexible start/finish times, and the occasional bit of working from home when you need it to deal with life.

Want to learn a bit more about them? Send over your CV. We’ll have a chat.

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