Games Developer

full time

Games Developer

  • Location: Nottingham
  • Salary: Up to £45k

There’s something special about being able to escape the real world, take a break from reality, the stresses of the 9-5 and immerse yourself in a different world.

Games have the incredible ability to make us laugh, cry, and, if you’re prone to the occasional rage quit, chuck our keyboards/controllers halfway across the room with a surprising amount of accuracy.

That’s why you chose making them as your career.

And now you’re great at it.

But being able to write slick, clean code isn’t the be all, end all; not for you, anyway.

For you, games development isn’t just that to you is about being able to create something incredible that millions of people keep coming back to.

You don’t just sit down and “do a software”.

You care about your craft, and that gives you the power to make cult-worthy experiences.

You’ve got ideas meatier than Ryu’s uppercut and most importantly, you’re not scared to step in the ring to get those ideas heard.

There’s a company in Nottingham that feel the same way. They’ll be your party for the next stage of your journey, and they can’t wait to have someone just like you on the team. Over the last 10 years they’ve grown massively, both in employees and their user base.

New offices have popped up but still, Nottingham will always be home.

So, what’s next? What do they need now? In short, a full-stack tools developer.

Your chain combos include: Golang, Python, React, JS and SQL.

You’ll be working on the tools for their biggest platform, and the player base is growing bigger by the minute!

Not only does that mean you’ll have a ton of user feedback to work with to make things even better over time, but you’ll also know that your work gets seen by millions of people every day; with any luck, it’ll create memories that are timeless!

There is so much more to say about this company – the teams, future plans, scope of the role, the amazing office and culture – but let’s save that for later...

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