.NET Developer

full time

.NET Developer

Package: Up to £45K

Location: Leicester

What’s that song about a road called again? Life is a country road? No that doesn’t sound right…

But what if your career is feeling a bit like a country road? Maybe it’s a bit too slow for your liking, you’re not getting to let loose with your ASP.NET skills just yet.

So maybe you’re looking for a different lane that’ll really let you open up your technical skills for all their worth. So, here’s where this highway comes in…

With your skills in SQL Server and ASP.NET, you’ll be working to embrace the newest technologies, working within a brand-new virtualised infrastructure.

With their new state of the art offices, you’ll be working in a team that’ll be looking to tune up your engine. They offer training budgets for each employee to help work towards certifications and other qualifications to keep your motor running.

But like every road, this place has its bumps and boundaries. They’ve only recently adopted agile practices so are still in the process of adopting it, expect some growing pains!

Given the size of them, this highway has quite a large company culture around it, meaning that if you are used to those small country roads, you might struggle to speed up and adapt to their structure.

If you’re tired of the same old trees on your road, why not make your life a highway (that’s the song! Phew, glad I remembered) by submitting your CV and we can get moving.


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