Sales Force Developer

full time

Location: Nottingham / London


Role: Salesforce Developer


Salesforce is the custard to your development pudding; no dessert would be right without it. Solving the problem of the pudding is what you will love doing.


You will be working alongside two other salesforce developers.  They’ve got about a years’ experience between them, so you’ll be looking to fill the knowledge gap (maybe training them in the process if you’re feeling nice). Once you’re done, you’ll be looking like the salesforce power rangers without the colourful tights.


They are a small – but growing company that have great financial backing, and they are taking a giant leap for man and moving towards the cloud, this isn’t a key part of what you will be doing but having an interest or wanting to learn more about this will be great!


You will get to use some javascript, CSS and HTML as well as the salesforce development side and APEX development. You be expected to be able to use all the others, but you will be comfortable with understanding different languages as you will be finding ways to get data out of salesforce as well as shunting data out to give a transparency to other departments.


They don’t have the bureaucracy you will find in large companies, they do have intelligent people that want to do their best and love what they create, and who have a fun time doing it. You can work as flexibly as a gymnast and work from home if you want to.


Oh, and their benefits are pretty great.

But…with all the greatness they have, there are always going to be not-so-great things.

These include; you may have to venture outside of your home, or office as there will be travel to the Nottingham or London office depending on where you are based, don’t worry they will expense your journey there and if you are expected to stay late due to a meeting they will even buy you, your dinner.


They are a growing company, which means new people coming in that don’t know your systems, so you will need to be patient and help them.


If this all sounds good to you, drop me a line and we can get the round object travelling across the ground… 😊

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