PHP Developer

full time

PHP Developer

Location: Derby (can be fully remote with 1 day/ month minimum in the office)

Package: Up to £40K

PHP. It’s your thing.

But are you really given the chance to take your skills above the limit of the sky? Are you looking for that “space agency” of a company to fly your skills to space?

This company wants to let you fly as high as you can. They’ll be calling you Apollo 11 when you’re settled here.

With this team behind you, you’ll never feel like you’re on a solo mission. They’re a tight knit bunch who like to joke around but are smart enough to keep this company among the stars.

With their product being so customizable for their customers, you won’t be short of new features to be tinkering with.

“Alright, I’ll be developing my skills in PHP, I get it, but what do I get as opposed to those other space agencies?” I hear you ask.

Working on brand new features? Check.

Flexibility of working (including fully remote options!) so you’re not wasting away on the motorway? Check.

Pick your own hardware? Check.

Good parking? Mostly.

Here’s the squeaky bolts you might hear while riding this spaceship. They’re a bit tight on parking at the moment as they are expanding quicker than parking spaces can (I mean, they can’t magic up more space out of nowhere, the continuum would implode) but they offer flexible hours and a hefty amount of remote working to balance this out, so it’s not really a problem for them.

Also, it might be hard to sustain the G forces here. By that, I mean that they’ve got quite a loose structure and are a small company still, so you’ll have to be on your toes, ready to react to whatever the galaxy might throw at you.

That’s until they’ve got the processes in place to support a larger group of people.

If you’re planning to take your career to infinity and beyond, drop me your CV and I can answer any more questions you might have.

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