Data & MI Tester

full time

Senior Data & M.I Tester

Salary: £40K - £45K + strong benefits
Location: Coventry

According to recent studies, data has now surpassed oil in terms of value.

Personally, I’m not surprised. From where we shop, to what we eat, and even how we plan our futures, everything we do is driven by data.

But, just like oil, data is useless without the right tools. For data to be any more than weird sludge and incomprehensible background material, it needs to be nurtured and refined by those who understand how to extract the what’s, why’s, and how’s.

For someone like you, data is your playground.

You bring order to chaos.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets that.

They know data is valuable, but they don’t necessarily see the value of the people that can tame that data.

You probably won’t apply to work for those companies, but how about working in a company that values its approach to data so much it has around 30 people working exclusively on all projects involving data? [With further team growth expected]

How about a role that can allow you to take your career to the next level while remaining in a data-focused role where your passions lie?

A company where you’ll get to work with teams across the business, getting involved in refining requirements, estimating delivery times and resources for projects, coordinating workflows, doing peer-testing and code reviews, establishing processes and removing bottlenecks?

If you’ve been looking for a role where you can take a more holistic approach to data testing, where you take on responsibility for delivering projects in collaboration with various stakeholders across lots of teams and you like enabling people then this one is for you.

You’ll be in a supportive environment where you don’t need to have every data skill under the sun to be considered and your career progression will genuinely be considered from day one – not day 1,400 (circa 4 years).

Now, you will need to have advanced SQL & PL/SQL skills, experience working with Oracle and databases in general, as well as experience of data migrations and upgrades…

…But then there’s lots of things that are desirable – not essential! Like experience of SSIS/SSRS, Reporting, ETL testing, performance testing, Azure, AWS, Data warehousing, Business Intelligence or analytics [platforms] experience!

A host of things will stand out if you have some experience or knowledge, so if you’re willing to learn to fill in any gaps, then you should hit apply!

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