Front End Developer

full time

Front End Developer

Salary: £24,000 - 29,000
Location: Nottingham

You probably got into Front End development because you were creative.

I mean, that’s the whole point of a good Front End, right?

You want your users to be amazed.

To make someone fall in love with the experience that you’ve worked so hard to create. It’s not just a collection of code and images, it’s something that people love coming back to.

Sadly, not every frontend developer role will give you the opportunity to work that way. A lot of them are just pushing out the same stuff over and over (especially as a junior) and for someone like you, that can be a little bit disheartening.

Maybe I’m romanticising. I know that that’s probably not why everyone becomes a frontend developer…and if this isn’t making any sense to you, this probably isn’t the right job for you.

If this resonates with you though, there’s a company in Nottingham that need you.

For the last 2 decades, they’ve worked their socks off to develop a reputation as one of the best design agencies in the Midlands, and that’s thanks to the efforts of people like you.

The ones who don’t want to just work off a template. A team of developers, designers, and marketers who love to bring their customers’ visions to life and create amazing websites and marketing campaigns.

This attention to detail and (as cringey as it sounds) raw passion has meant that they’ve been very successful and well-known within the SME space.

They’re about 100 strong now, and in the last 6 months they’ve grown the team and made some cool changes that have given their developers even more freedom to bring some amazing new ideas to life.

Personal development is huge for them, and most of their senior management team started as junior devs/designers. If you want to grow your career here, they’ll work with you to make that happen.

They’ll even do it without chucking pointless targets or harsh deadlines at you along the way.

Their tech stack is standard, if a little basic, but you’ll be encouraged to pick up new skills all the time, and they aren’t looking for the finished article from day one. If you’re a junior developer with a solid portfolio, this’ll be a great place for you to learn and grow as a dev.

We sacked off the long list of requirements ages ago, but it’d be nice if your skillset looked a bit like this:

  • Good grasp of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Vanilla JavaScript doesn’t look like complete gibberish to you - if you’ve played with the likes of React or even Node that would be cool, but it’s not necessary
  • You’re not scared to make your ideas heard, and you absolutely despise repetition
  • You’re not scared to make your ideas heard, and you absolutely despise repetition

So, what do you think? Aren’t you bored of being bored?

Pop a CV over (doesn’t matter if it’s up to date - we’ll sort that later), and let’s have a chat about your new role.

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