Senior Developer

full time

Development is your jam. You eat it for breakfast. No matter the flavour, solving problems is what you love doing.

You love a bit of node on toast, and, occasionally, dip into the react jar and a bit of tangy C# for good measure.

You’ve been working in a team that gets by but doesn’t really push themselves. Or, if they do try to, red tape seems to get in the way.

You’re a bit tired of it and are looking to switch things up; now is the time!

A small (ish) bunch of developers is looking for another person to join their team. They are a small-but-growing company that have some great financial backing and have a you-shaped hole in their Platform Services team.

They are on their way to the cloud, one step at a time (an interesting mental image, there) and making DevOps part of their life. To facilitate its implementation they have formed a Platform Services team to set things up and get them running, which includes their CI/CD pipelines, Azure cloud hosting and infrastructure, and much more.

You will probably get to use react and some C# for web services and such, but the bulk of the role is backend dev with node and DevOpsy stuff.

They don’t have the bureaucracy you will find in large companies, they do have intelligent people that want to do their best and love what they create, and who have a fun time doing it. You can work as flexibly as a gymnast and work from home if you want to.

Oh, and their benefits are pretty great.

But…with all the greatness they have, there are always going to be not-so-great things.

These include; you may have to venture outside of your job description- they are a relatively small team that have varied work and so everyone should be happy to turn their hand to potentially unexpected tasks.

They are a growing company, which means new people coming in that don’t know your systems, so you will need to be patient and help them.

If this all sounds good to you, drop me a line and we can get the round object travelling across the ground… 😊

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