PHP Developer

full time

Location: Nottingham

Package: Negotiable

Okay, you’ve been chilling with PHP for a while now.

Not only using it in your job but in your spare time too (that’s what being a techie is all about right?).

But maybe you’re lacking a bit on the spare time?

Could be, you’re searching for something to give you more flexibility, help you deal with those distractions in life like eating and sleeping. If that’s the case, this place might be for you.

You’ll be designing new features for their software applications using PHP, Javascript and HTML5. Wow sounds simple when I put it like that, but that doesn’t mean your impact will be. Not to sound like a WWF advert but your contribution will help save the planet. They work on environmental focused tech that helps to increase energy savings and efficiency.

If you’re currently weathering the storm of office politics, infighting or the silent treatment from your mate Dave in the corner desk, you’ll not have to worry about that here.

They’re tight knit and they show it, unlike a corporate machine trying to replicate 1984 in 2019, they take everyone’s views on board.

Like the Yang to the Yin I’ve just told you about (or is it the other way around?), it’s not all smooth sailing. You’ll be starting out working on their test function, creating tests for their existing codebase before you work on the new features.

Also, they recognize that the commute isn’t quite as good as a lie in, so they offer some remote or flexible working if you can walk the walk in terms of your development skills.

So, if you’re still here and this sounds scarily similar to what you’re looking for, send over your CV. I’ll answer anything you can throw at me; I might even give you the answer to life the universe and everything.

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