Remote Engineer

full time


Location: Nottingham
Salary: Up to £25k
Skills: Remote 1st/2nd line Windows, Office365 and desktop/network support

I assume you’re losing hope.

There’s no sign of broadening your skillset any time soon.

Passion is what has led you here, searching for something fresh. But you’re stuck working on the same ol’ menial tickets and worst of all, these tickets aren’t serving you opportunities to deepen your knowledge.

You’re thirsty to learn in a role that will allow you to strengthen your knowledge-base, simply through experience.

Stuck in a rut when you feel you’re an all-rounder – it’s not a nice feeling. You have a strong desktop background and understand Networking principles, you’ve dealt with Active Directory and basic server issues, you’ve done some back-ups and can work your way around 0ffice 365 but you’re looking for more…

Earning a salary of up to £25k, you will get to work in a position that will add some serious weight to your CV.

You want your foundation to be the best possible stepping stone for any future endeavours.

Well, this is that step! This Nottingham-based company understands they will not be able to offer all the progression in the world, but what they can offer is an environment where you’ll be forced into a diamond, through the healthy pressure of running through all kinds of weird and wonderful tickets from their diverse customer base.

It’s not all about tickets though.

You’ll get to go on-site with your peer field engineers and meet the customers you’ve been liaising with over the phone, you’ll see how Servers are set up, how routers and switches work and observing how the customers' solutions are set up – making your life easier when delivering remote support.

In return for your enthusiasm, you’ll be prepping equipment for your fellow engineers in their brand new workshop. It’ll be more than first- and second-line tickets that’ll keep you busy, regular on-site visits will keep you on your toes.  

I’ve got more information to give you, if this tickles your fancy?

Drop me a line and let’s get talking. 😊

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