Full Stack Developer

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Full Stack Developer

Location: Elton, Cambridgeshire
Salary: £25,000 - 30,000

You probably got into development because you were the creative type.

I mean, that’s the magic of being a good developer, right?

You amaze people.

You develop things that people fall in love with and long to come back to.

For you, it’s never been about tapping away for 8 hours a day to cobble together a bunch of images or strings in an IDE. It’s about creating something truly special.

Unfortunately, not every developer role will give you the opportunity to work that way. As is often the case, many will just see you churning out the same recycled content over and over again until you decide to look to pastures new.

And for someone like you, that’s probably a bit disheartening.

But there’s a place for you here.

A place to develop experiences. A place where creativity matters.

For the last 10 years, this team have worked their socks off to develop a reputation as one of the best. They’re a group of people just like you who were fed up with working off a template, so they decided to sack it off and do it their own way.

You’ll be pleased to learn that they’ve done a pretty good job of it and after a busy couple of years, they’ve started to realise there’s someone missing from their team.

They’re hoping that that’s you.

You’d be joining a team of 5 developers (one of whom is the lead dev) to work on full-service websites and applications for companies ranging from 10 people all the way through to the big corporate clients.

They take on projects that allow them to be creative and do what they do best, so regardless of which project you happen to be working on, your input’s always going to be valued by both your teammates and your clients.

You’re important to them, and they’ll hire you to think (and be yourself) as well as code!

Their tech stack is pretty much what you’d expect from a digital agency. PHP, JavaScript (Vue), and the usual bits and bobs all form a key part of their toolkit.

It’s a full-stack role, but if you’re more inclined towards working on the frontend and want to do as little backend as possible, they can still probably find a home for you. Just bare in mind that they’re not a massive team, and camaraderie and a willingness to help out when needed is super important here.

If you’ve got a decent amount of experience with Vue and feel like you could offer some deeper insights on how it works and how to get the best out of it, they’ll roll out the red carpet!

There’s a lot to learn, and they’re a great bunch of people to work with. Progression, a great social scene, and most importantly the ability to be creative, are all a key part of who they are.

So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you bored of being bored?

Send over your CV. Let’s talk!

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