Software Developer (C# / Golang)

full time

Location: Near Mansfield
Salary: £30,000

This humble company in Nottinghamshire has developed some award-winning cloud-based solutions utilising things like AI in a way that most companies only talk about. I’ve been to the company HQ and felt like I’d walked into the Batcave, the Ops centre looked like they were anticipating a rocket launch. It looks like something out of 007 / Eagle Eye - 2008 movie in case you don’t get the reference (a good watch!)  

The company has just signed up some major distributors to roll out their AI driven solutions globally by partnering with some major names in their industry.  They’re growing the small team to accommodate the new demands, looking for a dev who has a broader interest than just coding, I mean they need someone at least proficient in C# but not for building websites, more like for building microservices.

I’ve just found them a new Head of Dev / IT, we’ve known and worked with him for many years and have seen first-hand how he has taken a rag-tag bunch and turn them into a globally competitive team so I know he has interesting plans to shift this team to a DevOps culture straddling hardware and software.

The main job in this role will be to integrate the company’s platform and systems with 3rd party Hardware using SDKs, APIs and custom-built code. This’ll be done mainly in C# & Golang. Knowledge of MySQL, AWS, Microservices, Network programming (TCP/IP) would make for a well-suited dev for this position.

In short, if you’re a web dev that’s looking to do websites or another web application, this role isn’t for you. If you’re techie that likes hardware & networks, wants to code for hardware that actually operates in front of you, where you get to integrate with sophisticated hardware, then this could be your cup of tea.

I’m happy to have a chat for more details so if you’d like to know more, shoot your CV over and let’s have a chat, I'll tell you everything you want to know.  



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