JavaScript (Node) Developer

full time

Headline: Very much the definition of "diamonds in the rough", these guys are looking for a Node Developer with an interest in Cloud Technologies to help them take the next steps...
Location: Fully Remote
Salary: £40,000 - 45,000 + remote working
Ideal Candidate: You'll be a true advocate for cloud technologies, and will know JS like the back of your hand. Most importantly, you'll be looking for more! Not content with the norm, this startup are looking for someone with a real spark, and they hope that's you...

There's a sea of recruiters and organisations out there right now looking for node developers. If you're looking for a new role, it probably feels a bit like you're shooting fish in a barrel, doesn't it?

But are any of those roles actually interesting to you?

Well, you're reading this one, and you're still looking, so I'll stop asking silly rhetorical questions and talk about them....

Founded in 2017, this startup have built their business with one goal in mind: be different, be bold, and most importantly, cut through the noise - and they've done a hell of a job of it! Where others have seen the opportunity to play copy-cat, or just refused to innovate, these guys (and girls) have managed to create a platform that truly speaks to their customers and their audience. But there's something missing - and that's you!

They're looking for a node developer - specifically a node developer with a love of cloud technology, a curious mindset, and the confidence to stand up and say "This isn't enough. Let's do more!" If you've played around with the likes of Docker, Elastic Search, and know JavaScript like the back of your hand, then you're probably well on your way to being a match.

But why would you apply? Well, for starters, they're a remote-first business and they're damn proud of that fact. Despite the fact that they have a beautiful office based in Nottingham City Centre, they actively encourage their devs, ops, and infrastructure team to have a lie-in and work from home 5 days a week.

They know people do their best work when given freedom, so freedom is exactly what they'll give you! You'll have the opportunity to work directly with the CTO to build a platform that's truly revolutionary within their very niche sector. Oh, and I did I mention they'll also pay for your AWS Cloud Certifications? Because they will.

Whether you're looking for progression, or you just want to build cool stuff that amazes your customers, they'll give you every opportunity to explore all avenues of their business. Want to move in to DevOps in a few years? Done. Want to focus more on building or managing a team? Do that too. What's important is that you'll work hard, have fun, and thrive within the business.

Interested? Sick of talking to recruiters and fancy having a chat with the CTO directly about what they can offer you? Send me your CV and let's get the ball rolling...

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