Java Developer

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Java Developer

Location: Nottingham

Package: Negotiable

You’ve dabbled in Java, but it’s tough to find your first role as a dev…sometimes you can feel a bit like a Stormtrooper trying to nab one of those pesky rebels on the Death Star.

You’ll shoot your shot a thousand times, but you always seem to miss!

But what if there was an elite empire that loved training people just like you to be the best of the best?

You’ve probably heard of them before. Their influence spans multiple continents, and they’ve even got some completely non-diabolical plans to take over EMEA over the next couple of years.

The only problem is, they need people like you to make those plans come to life.

Reckon you can help them out?

They’re forming a new team. An elite hit squad of developers, DevOps engineers, and anything else “tech-flavoured”. As part of that team, you’ll be working on some of the newest technologies and projects they have – not bad for your first role, rookie.

Java 8-11, Springboot and Rest APIs. These are the main techs you’d be using here but if you haven’t got mountains of experience, they won’t hold it against you.

They’ve been where you are now, and they understand that everyone starts somewhere.

You’re like Luke on Dagobah and these guys want to be your Yoda (Force skills not required, will train Java instead).

In the same way Luke probably didn’t enjoy sleeping in a swamp, you might face a couple of challenges here as well.

The training’s going to be intense, and you’ll need to be ready for that. This isn’t going to be an easy transition, so you’ll need the grit, determination, and the discipline to keep going even on the days where it seems tough – that includes picking stuff up in your own time and taking some ownership of your own development.

As you settle in, you’ll also get comfortable with how to present your ideas and suggestions in a clear and concise format.

So, what do think? Are you ready?

It’s time to ditch the sweaty stormtrooper suit and become the coding Jedi you were born to be.

I’m not expecting you to blow up a death star to get my attention. Just throw your CV over, and we’ll get started.





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