Front End Developer

full time

Location: Nottingham City Centre

Package: Up to £50K

So, when it comes to front end, you’ve been around the block a few times.

New frameworks, mastering your craft, creating incredible user experiences, and even mentoring some juniors along the way.

None of that’s new to you.

So, what’s next?

There’s a boatload of Senior Frontend Dev jobs out there and you’ll probably be able to take your pick. But how many of them are going to give you something new?

Well there’s this one.

A role where you’ll not only work with some of the latest tech, but you’ll also have a hand in shaping the development strategy for a startup that are at the top of their game – think of it as a blank page, and you’re the lead author.

They’re a small team now, but they’ve already started to think about the future and as part of your role you’ll be mentoring a junior dev who’s already showing a ton of progress and can’t wait to have someone else to learn from.

The frontend stuff is all done in Vue, so if you’ve played around with it or (better yet) you’re a dab-hand with it, that’d be fantastic. If you’re one of the lucky few who has an eye for design as well as a good mathematical mind, that’d be even better (they’re a FinTech firm…fancy stuff).

As is the case with any startup, there’s bound to be a few challenges along the way, but they’re really hoping you’ll be someone who’s ready to tackle those and really embrace them.

They’ve already started making some serious waves and have begun to develop a network of partners who have seen the light and are embracing the platform.

Everything they do is bespoke, so if you’re tired of rehashing the same project over and over, you’ll have all the freedom you need to bring your wildest ideas to life.

There’s no long list of requirements that I’m expecting you to wade through. If you’ve got a solid background as a frontend dev, and you fancy hearing about something different from the ordinary stuff, pop your CV over.

I’ll tell you anything you want to know.


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