Senior Database Developer

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Senior Database Developer 


Headline: This medical technology company are looking for someone who truly understands databases. With their eyes set firmly on the future, and with big plans in mind including a full platform redesign, you'll have plenty to get your teeth stuck in to.
Location: Nottingham
Salary: £38,000 - £45,000 + benefits
Ideal Candidate: You'll have a real knack for developing intelligent, scalable, and efficient databases with MySQL and a range of other technologies. An interest in Machine Learning or AI is also a big plus, because that's where they're headed!

You're a database developer. You know that scene in The Matrix where Neo starts seeing the world in code and then dodges bullets? Well, that's basically you, but with databases and MySQL deadlocks. But there's something missing isn't there? You might be happy in your current role (...or maybe not, which is why you're reading this...), but the company you're with now just doesn't want to embrace new technology or your role has become a little stagnant. This team is made for someone just like you.

They're a small team right now, consisting of 7 devs, 2 QA, and one mighty fine data scientist. What they're missing is a Senior Database Developer, and if you've put up with my shocking ad so far I'm really hoping that's you. Over the last few years, they've managed to create a truly beautiful eCommerce platform, and secure their spot as one of the top medical eCommerce businesses in the UK - they're now looking to really up the pace and make some huge changes to their platform, implementing AI, Machine Learning, and doing a full redesign to make things even better and more efficient for their customers.

While many pharma/medical companies have very rigid structures with constant meetings and a hierarchy that would make an Egyptian prince's head spin, these guys are really doing things differently. The CTO is very hands-off, and thanks to them consistently making some great hires, everyone knows what they're doing and has full autonomy. Devs are free to implement the best technology for the job, and you'll get the exact same treatment - there's nobody watching over your shoulder and they focus on pushing a good work/life balance (burnout doesn't help anyone!)

In terms of the role, you'll primarily be working on enhancing and redesigning their complex data health stores, and improving their backoffice workflow systems. As a company that continuously looks to expand their technology and upskill their staff, you'll also have the opportunity to learn all about a range of brand new development tools, frameworks, and technologies - if you're someone who is a keen dev in your own free time, they'll even give you all the tools and support you need to enhance your knowledge on that front as well!

In return for you continuing to be awesome at what you do, they're happy to offer an excellent salary up to £45,000 with regular performance reviews and pay increases, amazing benefits including free blood tests, parking, and industry certified training.


  • You'll work in a fast-paced and varied environment, developing scalable internal and external databases
  • When it comes to MySQL and ETL, you'll be a real whizz-kid, and should be able to demonstrate that from day one
  • Implement performance tuning and assess benchmarks for both internal and external systems and processes
  • Design and build High Availability MySQL solutions
  • Liaise with the development and QA team to ensure optimal performance

Essential Skills

  • Strong knowledge of MySQL
  • An understanding of data mining and data translation
  • Previous background of file parsing using ETL
  • Familiarity with Agile environments would also be highly beneficial

You'll stand out if...

  • You know your way around PHP/Node/C#/Coldfusion
  • Have experience of working with AWS or Google Cloud
  • An interest in expanding your knowledge of development or Machine Learning/AI is a huge bonus
  • Can answer the following question when submitting your CV: "How would you go about diagnosing a deadlock in MySQL?"

So, if this sounds good, and you'd like to know more, there's no reason to wait around is there? I'm happy to have an informal chat with candidates who would like to know more, so please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions before applying!


Rebel Recruiters is an equal opportunities employer


Key Words: MySQL, ETL, SQL Server, Database, Development

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