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Whether you’re a small business, or a multinational organisation with shareholders coming out of your ears, when recruiting your process is always going to be lead (and sometimes hindered) by one thing: your expectations.

In principle, it’s so easy to explain. You have a role that you need to fill (it could be a developer, it could be a QA Lead – it could even be a cleaner), and that job has a specific set of skills that the employee will need to have in order to actually get the job done. However, the vast majority of the time the applicants you have coming through either don’t meet those expectations, or the ones that do are asking for salaries that exceed your budget, or any other number of stumbling blocks – trust me, after many years in recruitment I really have seen them all.

A perfect example of this would be an Senior Firmware role that I was working on towards the back-end of last year. The company, with the best intentions, had been looking for a dev for months with little success. “We just can’t find anyone with x technology! They’re all either way over budget or they’re based in x city and won’t relocate!”. So I did my job as a recruiter, asked them questions about the role, and discussed the various technologies that they needed rather than wanted. Would you believe it, the technology they’d been dismissing candidates for not having, was actually more of a want than a need!

As employers – and even recruiters – it’s often incredibly easy to become fixated on a very specific idea of what you want in a candidate. In fact, we often become so fixated on a particular set of skills that we overlook candidates that would be a fantastic fit if they were given some time to grow into the role! In addition to that, the people that are able to grow into the role are often the ones that stick around because they’re actually developing their careers and skillsets.

As humans, particular in todays society, we’re conditioned to want to progress and improve our skills. Lateral moves (ie, someone who already has the skills you need) very rarely end up being long-term moves, so you’re realistically only kicking the can down the road until that person leaves and you end up calling up Rebel again and explaining that you can’t find the right candidate. To put it simply: if you’re struggling to find the right person for your role, you can often solve it just by getting an outside perspective and assessing your wants versus your needs.

Rebel Recruiters are proud to have been a part of the Nottingham tech scene for over 4 years now. If you’re a tech company or candidate based within the East Midlands who would like to work with a company that can provide you with the market knowledge needed to get the right people for your business, why not get in touch with us to see how we can help you grow your team?

Leigh Edwards
Leigh Edwards
Posted 27/02/2019

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